About us

When I brought my first adorable little dobershark home, I had no idea what I was in for.  I could run, hike, swim, climb, and jump that girl every waking moment of my day and she never tired.  Lucy did not slow down for two and a half years.  And she wore collars out, left and right.  With a personal and professional background in high end design and fashion, it was important for me to pretty up that beautiful, shiny long neck of hers. But I struggled to find collars that were both beautiful, AND able to keep up with her in all of the elements that she played so hard in.

So, I sat down at a sewing machine one day and learned how to sew, and found a new passion in Collarati.  There is nothing I love more (besides maybe Lucy!) than creating long lasting art for our beautiful babies to wear proudly! I get so much joy out of designing for you, thank you sincerely for that opportunity!

All collars are handmade in New York City, mostly in the heart of the fashion district in the very studios that are outfitting the NYC runways.  We love what we do and we hope that you will love the collars that we create also!





Photo credit, Ty Foster