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About Kevin:

Kevin Roeckl has been a full-time professional artist since he was 20, when he started selling his artwork through galleries. At age 28 Kevin bought his first dog, Jake, a Doberman. He knew nothing about the breed except they were the most beautiful dogs he had ever seen! A few years later Kevin was the victim of an assault…Jake came to his aid and saved his life. He was unable to work for more than a year, and when he started painting again, all he wanted to paint was his beloved Jake, his hero.
The rest, as they say, is history. The passion in Roeckl’s artwork caught the attention of Doberman enthusiasts across the U.S. From 1991 to 1998 he exhibited his work at the Doberman Pinscher Club of America National Show (by invitation). He was chosen to renovate the DPCA official logo, and create the Tommie Jones Memorial Trophy presented to the “Breeder of the Year” at the Doberman Nationals each year. His artwork has been featured on the covers of several national magazines. Soon people were asking if Roeckl could paint their dog too. He now specializes in capturing the beauty of people’s four-legged friends, doing portraits of top-winning show dogs as well as beloved family pets.
Kevin says, “I’ve been privileged to own three generations of Jake’s kids and grandkids. Along the way I have fallen in love not only with Dobermans, but with all dogs. I got Jake intending him to live outside in a doghouse, but by the end of his life, Jake had become my best friend, my hero, and my greatest joy. Every painting I create of a Doberman is my love song to him, and to this magnificent breed.”


Kevin’s fine-art portraits can be seen at
Kevin with Jake, 1987
Kevin with girls, 2002
Kevin with Danny, 2019