E-Collar Interchangeable Receiver Strap

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If you're using an e-collar, you need this!!!  This can be used with any and all of our interchangeable decorative backer straps, just be sure to measure the width of your current straps (some brands have a 3/4" strap, while most are 1").  Choose your color for the receiver strap, choose your backer in a separate product listing, and you are ready to fancy up that e-collar!!!

These are 1" & 3/4" wide interchangeable collars for your Dogtra, Tritronics, Einstein (now known as E-Collar Technologies) or Sport Dog. Please note that I have ONLY tested this on Dogtra, Tritronics, Einstein and on Sport Dog: if you have another brand or model please email a picture to me at info@collarati.com and we can determine if it might work for you.


-please check the width of your current strap and order accordingly. Einstein for instance only uses 3/4", Dogtra uses both.

-this product listing is for the interchangeable RECEIVER STRAP ONLY.  Choose your decorative interchangeable backer strap in the 'ecollar interchangeables' category to use with this.  You only need one of these!  And it can be used with all coordinating decorative backer straps.