Sizing Your Dog

It is important to know how to properly measure your dog's neck size when ordering a custom collar.  If you are unsure about how to measure your dog's neck accurately, please email us.  Remember - we build your dog's collar from the measurements you provide to us.  Once your order is placed and we have begun creating your dog's custom made collar, it cannot be returned or exchanged.


How to measure your dog's neck for a properly fitted collar (INCLUDING for e-collar interchangeable straps):

First, find a piece of string (or you can do this easily with a cloth tape measure, also), and, find your dog! 

Place the string (or cloth tape measure) around the dog's neck, right in the middle where they comfortably wear a collar.  Not too high, not too low.  Wrap it around so that the end of the string meets, and hold that position with your finger.  Be sure that you can fit two fingertips between your dog's neck and the string, you don't want this too snug, but a comfortable fit.

Bring the string (you're still holding with that finger at the fit point!) back to a ruler, lay it down on your ruler and take note of the measurement.  Round up to the nearest inch, and that is what you will fill into the box labeled 'exact size of dog's neck in inches'

Then, place your order and we're on it!  Your dog will have a new Collarati soon!


If you are uncertain of your measurements, please email us for assistance.  We want your dog's collar to fit perfectly!