Social Fetish: Martingale

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***BE SURE TO MEASURE YOUR DOG'S NECK - These are custom made and we CANNOT remake them if you give us the wrong measurement - please visit the following link if you are unsure  **

This is something special...  These are harmless, soft rubber spikes in a range of colors, so that your dogs can cuddle you to pieces, or play with each other while wearing these!  Choose your spike and upper color, your 1-1/2" biothane base color, and your hardware finish, and get let your pup get his or her social fetish on!!  

***Important - while this is an adjustable martingale, it is a 'set-it-and-forget-it' style martingale - once you find the right neck size for your dog, it is not intended to use the buckle every day - this collar will slip on and off over your dogs head without buckle adjustment, once you find the right size.  The buckle is only to ensure that you can properly size the martingale collar to your dog (because I will not make non-adjustable martingales).

It's also very important to measure properly - be sure you know exactly how large this collar needs to be to fit over your dog's head, since you will be removing it over the head.  Some breeds have thicker heads (or bigger ears!) and need a larger size to slip on and off.  Be sure to measure very carefully, and email us at with any questions.

Biothane is rich in color and holds up to all kinds of abuse.  Clean it up with nearly any cleaner that you have on hand - they are waterproof, stink-proof, all weather ready and completely funk-proof in general!