The Collarati

Send us photos of your dogs wearing our collars if you'd like your baby to be featured in the Collarati!!  Go strong mamarazzi, send us as many photos as you like!!!  We love them all!!





LUCY - the original Collarati and source of my inspiration, girlfriend has been in the Collarati crowd since the very beginning!!!



TULA - this pretty little lady rocks her Collarati in all of her puppy obedience classes!



FENRIS - at just 15 months old this amazing little dobergal led the Doberman Gang of NYC up Fifth Avenue in the 61st annual German American Steuben Parade in New York City with her best friend, Kaylee!  We suspect she has great things in her future!!!



 JAEGER AND ANNIE - these two go back to the original Collarati days!  Jaeger was so excited to receive his new generation Collarati that he grabbed it and ran off with it fresh out of the box!  Fortunately, biothane withstands dobershark teeth!!



THE STIG - Stiggy takes his job as biothane tester VERY seriously. 



DUTCHESS - this little cutie loves being adorable and low grade chaos-making!





VIOLET - Violet loves lounging in her backyard, soaking up the sun, food, and most of all, her mama!



 GINGER - she loves wearing her lucky rainbow Collarati collar in all of her rally trials.  Ginger is a girl of many talents and excels at rally, nosework, obedience, and cuddles!



RAVEN - just as beautiful as her name, and wearing her Vintage Floral.